Must Haves

Working for us can be rewarding but it is also demanding, here are a few things that we require:

-Professionalism, our work often does not require a suit but we expect our employs to portray a professional image when on the job or in the nursery. Along with what is on the outside the inside must match. Our employees must be well mannered and professional when speaking to clients and to each other.

-Work Ethic, we do not expect you to do anything that we have not done or as in most cases are not doing right beside you. We expect you to be on time every time and be able to work over a 40 hour work week if called upon.

-Leadership, you may not be the crew leader or be in a place of authority over others right away , but you can still be a leader for yourself. Make the right choices, speak up if you feel like something is being done incorrectly, ask questions if you do not understand something and most importantly learn.


Payment is dependent on skills that you currently have and also how you present yourself during the first two weeks of employment. Contact us today and we will be happy to discuss what we are able to offer you. 

Company Growth

Like our plants our company is still growing, if you have the determination and the motivation you can help us grow and by helping us grow we will help you grow. If you have an idea or a venture you would like to explore, run it by us, if we like your elevator pitch do not be surprised if you are put in charge of developing a plan for implementation and if the idea takes off your compensation rate will grow.