Landscape Construction

We want to put down roots

Whether it is a single shrub or a entire landscape, our main goal is to keep our clients happy. We do not only want you to contact for this one project but for all your future projects too. 

-Zeb Ethier, Owner

Site Excavation

Still have mounds of dirt left over from recent construction or a pesky old stump that you have to mow around? Or maybe to clear your new lot for constructing a home. Let us take care of that for you. We have the equipment to clear, grade and excavate your land so that it exceeds all the needs for your home, landscape, and lifestyle.

Watering Systems

To help ensure the survival of your new landscape and ease any work you may have to put into the establishment, we recommend a watering system for everything we install for you. Our systems include a fully automated controller that can also be controlled from your smart phone. We can also install in existing landscapes to ease drought stress during the summer months.  

Locally Sourced Plants

By growing much of what we install, the are multiple benefits for our clients. The first benefit is that often we can provide plants at lower prices because there is little to no shipping involved. The second is that plants are widely adaptable; however, if they are familiar with the soil that they have been transplanted into it eases the stress on them. Soils change depending on the geographic region by growing the plants locally they have already been adapted to our particular soils and climates.  

Landscape Installation

The most important part of your landscape is the installation phase. The entirety of your new landscapes survival hinges on timing, proper planting and care of shortly there after. Let our knowledge of proper planting practices give your landscape the best chance of survival and viability.